The City of the Future

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Build: Technology is advancing the ways we create, and experience, our spaces

From housing to food, Rotterdam is tackling population-scale problems in creative, sustainable ways, most often powered by advanced technology and a bit of old-fashioned imagination.

ome cities are defined by their history and tradition. Rotterdam, on the other hand, is defined by its future. After nearly being wiped out by World War II, the city has emerged as one of the world’s most sustainable cities. And that’s by design.

Through creative, comprehensive building that focuses on expanding urban life, reducing pollution, and creating social spaces, Rotterdam embodies technology and sustainability, bringing to life structures that can serve as models for the rest of the modern world. The “architect” obtains a new definition that encompasses the evolution of their power and abilities through the use of the latest technology and integrated approaches. We can see the results on the ground, but the majority happens in the cloud, as architects are relying heavily on creating functioning and self-sustaining digital infrastructures that will provide the foundations of Rotterdam’s futuristic city.

Over the past several decades, Rotterdam has established itself as a maker city. Its residents have a hands-on, progressive attitude that allows for the exploration of the role technology can and should play in how we build our cities. The technology utilized in this evolution leverages deep knowledge and complex computing skills that allow, for example, devices to talk to one another and analyze data in real time. Inventions like edge computing, which can store even more data and use more analytic power to act on that data within a specific machine such as a robotic construction arm, will become invaluable to builders in the future.

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